Valley Grande council discusses renovations to walking trail

Published 10:34 pm Monday, June 6, 2016

In the coming months, renovations will be made at the Valley Grande Walking Trail.

The nearly decade old park became a topic of discussion during Monday’s city council meeting. Council member Patsy Moore, who helped design the trail when it was first built, said the park needs new swings, upgraded fencing and other repairs.

“If you don’t do repairs through the years, things are going to go down. I have been getting prices for everything and we are going to have everything taken care of,” Moore said.

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Moore said new fencing has already been put up, replacing an old fence that was past its time. Additional fencing to mark off the property line is also needed.

“We were supposed to have a fence on our property line, but when it was put in, it was installed in the wrong place. So, we are putting a new fence on the property line,” Moore said.

The cost of fencing will be $2,860 and $1,800 has to be paid for tree trimming for access to the property line. The council discussed spending $260 for swing crossties and $20 for trash cans that will lock if they get tipped over.

Mayor Wayne Labbe said he sees the trail as something that will constantly need upkeep and repairs. He said the city completes regular checks to make sure the park is safe, which is one of his biggest concerns.

“People want to know their children are safe as they can be when they come to the park.

The equipment can be dangerous and kids can get hurt,” Labbe said. “It’s not just for the liability; kids need to have a safe place to play. It’s important because we don’t want our children hurt.”

Council member Donna Downs said the park is an important part of the city of Valley Grande.

“Seeing the children out playing and people out on the trail walking to better their health adds to a place the town can all be proud of,” Downs said. “You always have to improve on where you live.“