Dallas County votes on uniform policy

Published 10:49 pm Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Dallas County Board of Education decided Tuesday to keep its existing dress code policy in place for the upcoming school year.

The topic has been a hot button issue the last several months and had even spanned multiple superintendents. With the school year now over for all of the schools within the Dallas County System, it only made since to keep the policy in place.

It’s always possible for the board to revisit the issue in the future.

The current policy allows principals at each school to make the final decision on whether or not their students will wear uniforms each year.

There are advantages to each side on this issue. Uniforms would make it obvious make visitors stand out from students very easily and would simplify the dress code.

Not having uniforms allows students to have more self-expression and more individuality.

There’s plusses and minuses to each side.

However, nobody should know each of the schools better than the principal, who is constantly receiving feedback from students and parents. It makes sense to leave the power in the principal’s hands, especially with the new school year only a few short months away.