Damoth rescues child from pool

Published 10:33 pm Wednesday, May 25, 2016

In Wednesday’s edition of the Times-Journal, we wrote about 17 year old Logan Damoth, a student at Dallas County High School that recently saved a potential drowning victim.

Damoth has been a lifeguard at the Selma-Dallas Dallas County YMCA for more than a year, but ended up using her life saving skills for the first time at a private party held elsewhere. She saved an 8-year-old who had been pushed into the pool.

The YMCA is rightfully celebrating Damoth’s bravery and pointing to her as an example of a young hero.

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According to the United States Lifeguarding Association, lifeguards performed 95,023 rescues at beaches during 2015. That’s only at beaches. It’s impossible to know how many other times a lifeguard, or just a watchful family member, saved someone’s life who got into danger in a river, lake or pool.

It’s a reminder of the importance of knowing how to swim.

The YMCA of Selma-Dallas County regularly holds swimming classes throughout the year. During the summer, swim lessons will also be taught at the Dinkins Pool.

The pool is scheduled to open for the first time this summer on June 1 and is located between Dexter Avenue and Division Street.