Letter says Selma is need of truth, substance

Published 9:28 pm Friday, May 20, 2016

Dear editor,

Well, here we go again. No substance and personal attacks. In a community the size of Selma, it is easy to throw out images of people with little sly comments without attaching a name knowing full well that your statements are not true, better yet are outright lies.

Selma is not big enough to not know who is behind these no substance personal attacks and who they are intended to smear. If Selma is going to move forward, we must demand that candidates not hide behind ‘political hitmen’ whose sole purpose is to attack and destroy the name and character of their opposition because they have nothing of substance to talk about.

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Citizens of Selma, this is a critical time. As a deacon in my church, anyone who will attack a church for a slice of political pie is suspect. As a parent and husband, anyone who puts politics before public safety is suspect. As a school board member, anyone who has the authority to defense children and do nothing is suspect.

It’s time Selma. We need leadership that truly is for doing what is right. As a person who believes in Jesus, I know when someone is really doing what is right, the wicked will attack and try to destroy them. Selma, we must not allow this mean and evil political stuff to work anymore. There simply is too much at stake. Selma is in need of truth with substance. Anything else is noise and as citizens, we should shut it down.

Henry Hicks