God is not wishy-washy

Published 5:20 pm Saturday, May 14, 2016

By LARRY STOVER | Praise Park Ministries Church of the Nazarene 

America is full of scandals these days. The moral and ethical climate of our nation is in deep peril. Political leaders may admit to improper behavior but, in the sight of God, do they repent?

The one thing that separates the scandals of modern leadership from many Old Testament rulers is that OT leaders, like King David, repented when they had morally failed. It was fully understood that if they wanted God to bless their nation, they had to be in a right relationship with him. As we keep moving the “Bar of God’s Standards” to the left, our nation continues to set a moral and ethical precedent that ignores the values that once made us strong.

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I hear this argument all the time; “I admit pastor that I have sinned a few times, but I’m holding my own with the competition. I’m no worse than anyone else.”

The problem arises when we start making our own “positions” the absolute standard of the nation. When God is ignored or excluded from our equation, we lapse into moral failure.

The God of the Bible is not wishy-washy. Psalm 111:3 reminds us that, “His righteousness endures forever.” The Lord is not swayed by the color of our skin, the size of our office, or the amount of our tithe check. His laws are equal opportunity. There is no discrimination, just all around righteousness.

In God’s nature, in his actions toward us, in his history, he has proven himself to be a righteous God. That is why righteousness can revolutionize a person, a home, a church, a city, a nation and even the world.

Imagine what it would be like to live in a righteous city or county. Imagine living in a place where there was no corruption in government, no crime and no violence. People could be on the streets any hour of the day or night. We wouldn’t have to lock our cars or our homes.

I can imagine what it would be like for parents to revere righteousness. There would not be a separate set of standards for parents and children. Parents would not be wishy-washy. The Biblical standards of God would be the guiding light in every home.

The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, “Pursue righteousness.” When that was written, they were not living in a society where anything and everything goes. Not everyone will agree with me on this matter. But those who agree, will you let a righteous revolution start in your home today? We need to launch a righteous revolution in this country today. It must be born in the hearts of the people. With the help of the Holy Spirit we can all pursue righteousness. When we cease to be wishy-washy with the righteousness of God we will discover life is “Simply Beautiful.”