The power of a mother’s prayers

Published 6:55 pm Saturday, May 7, 2016

By LARRY P. STOVER | Praise Park Ministries Church of the Nazarene

God’s people were in trouble. They had strayed away from the Godly principles that had made them strong. Life was not going well at all. In fact, they were on a crash course of self-destruction.

The children of Israel needed a fresh glimpse of God’s power and presence. Like always, our heavenly father had a plan. He was just waiting for the right person to step up and allow him to make it all happen.

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In the Old Testament books of First and Second Samuel, we find the story of how God chose a woman to correct a major problem. Her name was Hannah. She was not just a biological mamma, she was so anointed with the presence of God, her relationship with him was the foundation of her whole life.

When we meet Hannah, she is childless. We find her in the Temple praying continually for a child. Sometimes, the priests on duty would openly criticize her and even accused her of being drunk. She was not deterred. Her faith never wavered; her commitment to God stayed strong; and, Hannah continued to worship God with everything she had.

In time she gave birth to Samuel. As promised to God, Hannah brought him to the High Priest Eli and presented him to the Temple and to the Lord when he was a young child. Samuel grew up in the temple. While his mother continued to care for him and provide for him, God began to unfold his plan to bring revival and renewal to his people. As you read First and Second Samuel, you will find an amazing story of how God responded to the faithfulness and prayers of a mother and used her child to reconcile the children of Israel back to him.

What does this say to us on this 2016 Mother’s Day? God is still looking for moms who are willing to serve him and dedicate their children to his mission and call.

Hannah possessed some dynamic spiritual qualities. She was a strong believer and walked with God daily. Her prayer life was focused and nothing deterred her from living a daily relationship with God. Hannah believed in the power of prayer.

What does her commitment as a mother teach us? Like all moms, she wanted what was best for her children. Spiritual growth and guidance were foundational to her both as a wife and a mother. God blessed Hannah with five more children and all were raised in the temple. She dedicated them to the mission and purpose of God.

My prayer for all the mothers in our area is that you will, first of all, be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Raise your family in the church; maintain your commitment to Jesus right; keep allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you every day; hold on the values and standards of God’s word as they will never let you down; and keep your priorities aligned to God’s priorities.

When you do this, God will do his part.