Take time to appreciate teachers this week

Published 9:08 pm Wednesday, May 4, 2016

By Ufo Ufomadu

Dr. Ufomadu is a member of the Selma City School Board.

This week is teacher’s appreciation week and we undoubtedly appreciate our teachers.

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Essentially, we recognize our teachers for their relentless efforts toward the betterment of students in the Selma City School System.

As a matter of verity, teachers have one of the most demanding and satisfying professions. All jobs are good in a way, but it’s gratifying to be one of those that shapes and improves lives.

I have friends who are teachers and I have family members who are teachers, so I fully comprehend the magnitude of efforts and sacrifices involved in being a reliable teacher. It takes a lot of effort to come up with lessons, to direct students and expect good results, meeting with parents, endeavoring to work harmoniously with coworkers and other expected and unexpected demands that come with teaching.

Have you realized that without teachers, there would not be other professions or jobs? Our teachers, we thank you so much for helping immensely to make Selma, and beyond, a better place to live.

This week is your appreciation week, but we appreciate you every day and in every way.