Rock and ribs make for good time, fundraiser

Published 9:07 pm Monday, May 2, 2016

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like teachers in Alabama will receive a 4 percent raise.

Anyone who says there isn’t much to do in Selma, must not get out of the house. This spring has been filled of community events. Between the Bridge Crossing Jubilee, the Pilgrimage, the Battle of Selma and other events, thousands of people have come to Selma to share in our history and hospitality.

This spring has also seen three newer events continue to thrive. Those are the Alabama River Chili Cookoff, put on by a Selma-Dallas County Leadership class; Central Alabama Crawfish Festival, sponsored by the local Lions Club; and this past weekend’s Rock’N’Ribs benefit, organized by the Blackbelt Benefit Group.

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All three events have made Selma a place to be for good food and music in March and April. All three have become dates you want to mark your calendar for. But more importantly, they all help worthwhile charitable causes in Selma.

Many hours go into organizing these events, and we thank those who take the time to make a difference in our community.