Vaccinate pets at rabies clinic

Published 10:33 pm Thursday, April 21, 2016

An upcoming clinic will give pet owners the perfect chance to vaccinate their furry friends.

Dr. Frances Kendrick of Valley Creek Veterinarian Hospital encourages pet owners throughout the county to take advantage of upcoming rabies clinics. She said vaccination is a way for pet owners to make sure their pets are healthy.

This is the first year that Kendrick has acted as a rabies inspector for Dallas County, but she has done rabies clinics before. She said the state of Alabama requires vaccination once a year, and the clinic is a cheap avenue for those who are looking for lower prices.

“We have divided up the areas in different communities to bring people out and get their pets vaccinated. The cost is at a reduced rate from what most people pay at a veterinarian hospital,” Kendrick said. “If people want to take advantage of the savings they should show up.”

The clinic will be available at a variety of places in different communities.

On Saturday, April 30 at select locations in both Plantersville and Valley Grande, pet owners can come get their animals vaccinated for $12.

The rabies clinics will also come to Tyler, Minter, Sardis and Selmont May 14 and make its last stop in Marion Junction, Orrville and West Selma areas May 21.

Kendrick said she wants people to realize how crucial it is to get their pets vaccinated each year.

“It’s important that we protect our pets because we are proving a barrier between the wildlife and us. We don’t want our pets to be exposed to rabies because it is a deadly disease,” Kendrick said.

She said Valley Creek is not the only place that gives vaccination and encourages people to see their regular veterinarian if it is more convenient.

Kendrick said she wants those who regularly care for stray pets to take ownership and bring them to the clinics.

“We get a lot of animals that don’t receive any veterinarian care at all. People have typically in the past, not taken care of the strays. If they are feeding animals at their house, they need to understand they own that pet,” Kendrick said.

Specific dates, locations and times of the clinics can be found at Valley Creek, located at 3013 Citizens Parkway in Selma.

Those who are interested can call (334) 872-7577 for further information.