Evans to host state of the city address

Published 10:26 pm Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mayor George Evans will address the people of Selma in a State of the City speech Monday at 6 p.m. at the Carl C. Morgan Convention Center. 

The mayor said he will discuss where the city has progressed during his latest term and also areas where Selma still needs to improve.

“I plan to give updates on the things we have been able to accomplish,” Evans said. “It will include reports about the city departments and what they have been able to achieve.”

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He said it is important for him to deliver the speech so citizens will know where the city stands on many important issues.

“I want to set a benchmark of what has happened since I have been in office and what the future holds for our city, regardless of who the mayor or city council members are,” Evans said.

The mayor said he wants citizens to understand that while everything hasn’t been positive, not everything has been negative either.

“I want them to know it hasn’t been all negative, it hasn’t been all positive,” Evans said.

He has served as mayor for just short of two terms, which is eight years and said his experience has been rewarding.

“We’ve been able to make some definite progress. It has taken the whole city government, citizens and volunteers who have helped. It’s been a joint effort in partnering,” Evans said.

“Serving has had its up and down moments because I realized you can’t please everyone all of the time.”

Evans said it’s important for the city to continue growing.

“I want our city to continue to develop partnerships with different sponsors and agencies,” Evans said. “

I want to see whatever it is we need in order to grow.”