Sand Bar restaurant needs to be re-opened

Published 11:01 pm Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Selma experienced heavy rainfall and flooding which resulted in the loss of The Sand Bar restaurant.

Four months later, the lease between the city of Selma and restaurant owner David Pearce is nearing completion, but not without thorough review.

Pearce is eager to get the lease underway so he can get the restaurant running again before summer peak. The city, on the other hand, wants to take its time in reviewing the 11-page document — a lease that could be in effect for three decades.

In the lease, Pearce will be given a 10-year lease with two optional 10-year renewals, but only up to 30 years. The rent will also be forgiven up to the cost of building a new restaurant and bar.

Some council members believe the restaurant should be city owned and operated. Others believe Pearce should be given permission to move forward with reconstruction before the lease is finalized.

Such talk is a distraction, as the city of Selma definitely doesn’t need to get in the restaurant business.

It is important to have the restaurant rebuild and reopen — the more operating businesses in Selma the better.

However, it’s also very crucial not to jump into something without thinking through all the details, especially since there are still conflicting thoughts with the city.

We hope both sides can come to a resolution in a timely manner and where everybody is satisfied with the final outcome.