Don’t overlook run-off election

Published 10:02 pm Monday, April 11, 2016

More than likely, Tuesday’s run-off election between Connel Towns and Valerie Reubin in the District 1 Commissioner race will fly under the radar a bit.

Usually that’s what happens when there’s only one race on the ballot and there isn’t presidential delegates up for grabs to get everyone fired up.

However, that doesn’t mean this race shouldn’t be taken seriously.

It absolutely should, especially by those that live in District 1 and have an opportunity to choose the person that will represent them for the next four years.

In March’s election, Towns captured 47 percent of the vote, compared to Reubin’s 34 percent. The two candidates were separated by only 350 votes and there appears to be plenty of votes up for grabs. During March’s election, third place Jelani Campbell received 506 votes.

Based on that, a handful of votes could really swing the results one way or the other, especially if the turnout isn’t as strong as it was a month ago.

We’re hopeful that isn’t the case.

Both candidates said they have campaigned hard to try to pick up extra votes since March. Towns, the incumbent, has served on the Dallas County Commission for more than 15 years.

He said he’s working to bring jobs to the community and improve our school systems.

Reubin, who is seeking public office for the first time, said she would bring fresh ideas and an outsider’s perspective to the position.

There isn’t a Trump or Clinton on the ballot, but for those in District 1, this race means just as much as the election back in March and it shouldn’t fly under the radar