Council supports shoe drive

Published 9:40 pm Friday, April 8, 2016

The Selma City Council is supporting an effort to help collect shoes for those in less fortunate countries.

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Phenix City is sponsoring the drive.

The idea came from, a fundraising website that provides ideas for organizations to raise money.

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Lasharn Anderson is a member of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church and said the shoe drive will help the church make repairs.

“I was trying to find something simple for us to raise money because our money is tight and we are a small church. We all have shoes sitting in the closet and a lot of times we just hold on to them or throw them in the trash,” Anderson said. “I figured why not just collect them and donate them to people who don’t have shoes.”

The church has a goal to collect 7,500 pair of shoes to reach the project minimum and receive funds. They have been doing the shoe drive since February but Anderson said they are still quite behind. Pleasant Grove will receive $3,000 if they meet the quota.

She reached out to Selma City Councilman Samuel Randolph and asked him to join in on the project but did not expect to get effort from the entire council.

“I’m excited to work with them. I am truly thankful and thank God for putting Randolph in my life and him being willing to help my church meet the goal,” Anderson said.

The council will have their shoe drive in the upcoming week.

Randolph said people could come to Selma City Hall Monday through Friday from 8: 30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and donate shoes.

“We want everyone who can to bring a pair of shoes they can’t wear and donate. We’re just helping them out with their fundraiser because I think it’s a great cause,” Randolph said. “Everybody can’t afford shoes and we just want to show our Selma pride and help out.”

Once both groups are finished collecting shoes, they will send them to funds2org headquarters in Florida.

After that, the company will distribute them to impoverished areas across the world.