Bloch Park is frequented area for families

Published 10:27 pm Tuesday, April 5, 2016

On Sunday night, a disturbing video started making the rounds on social media sites. The video showed a fight that broke out at Bloch Park Sunday afternoon between several different women.

During the fight, dozens of people stand around watching while others wrote than they picked up their children and ran for their cars. At one point in one of the videos, a noise that sounds like a gun firing multiple shots is heard in the background.

Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured, but that doesn’t mean this wasn’t an eye opening incident. Bloch Park is a frequented area for many in the Selma area. Nearly every second of the day, at least one person is on the walking trail getting some exercise.

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The playground at the end of the park is often packed with children, especially on the weekend when there is no school. During the fall, youth football teams hold practices in the open area between the walking trail. Baseball games, track and field events and other sports are played at neighboring Memorial Stadium almost every afternoon during the spring.

If you want to find a crowded spot in Selma on any afternoon of the year, Bloch Park is the place to start your search. Because of that, it’s important that Bloch Park is seen as a safe place for families.

The Selma Police Department is already taking steps to ensure nothing like what happened Sunday ever happens again at the park. The department has promised extra security at Bloch Park on the weekends.

We appreciate the police department’s response to Sunday’s incident and we hope anyone with information about what took place this weekend will step forward. Nobody was seriously hurt, but if shots were fired in a spot where children were playing, that’s a dangerous situation.

Bloch Park is a tremendous resource for Selma’s families. It’s important it keeps a family type atmosphere every day of the week.