Summer employment allows youth to earn a paycheck

Published 7:47 pm Thursday, March 31, 2016

The city of Selma will offer 150 jobs to area youth this summer through its Summer Youth Employment Program.

The program is for anyone between the ages of 15 and 22 and offers a variety of different jobs. The jobs available include landscaping, custodial work, taking care of animals and tutoring.

For many of those who apply and receive one of the jobs available, it’ll be their first time ever working to earn a paycheck. Those in the program will work 16 hours a week Monday through Thursday and will get paid minimum wage, so they won’t get rich, but they will give them the chance to earn a little money and gain work experience.

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The program also gives youth something to do during the summer. Seemingly every summer, there’s talk about how the juvenile crime rate rises in all cities during the summer months.

That’s usually because when teenagers are out of school, they don’t have a way to pass the time. The summer employment program gives them a place to be and a chance to learn about the value of a dollar.

Applications will be accepted for the employment program through May 6 at city hall. They can be picked up at any public or private school in Selma through April 29. Everyone who registers and meets the program’s requirements will be entered into a lottery, which will determine who gets what job. For more information on the program, call Venecia Eaton at 874-2105.