Program offers summer jobs to local youth

Published 6:57 pm Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The 2016 Summer Youth Employment Program will offer more than 150 jobs to Selma youth.

The program, which is open to young people 15 to 22, offers many types of jobs to area youth. Some of the jobs available include landscaping, beautification and custodial work. Others will allow employees to work in offices, tutor children and work with animals.

Youth can apply by picking up an application from any public or private school in Selma where applications will be available through April 29. The Selma Career Center and Personnel Department of City Hall will be supplying applications through May 6, which is the deadline for applications to be turned in at Selma City Hall.

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Venecia Eaton, who coordinates the program, said the program will teach many skills to those who are hired.

“They will be able to learn work ethic and team building. It will help them to have interest in making and saving their own money. The programs show them what it takes to make their own paycheck,” Eaton said. “These skills are important because they can be used throughout life.”

She said it is important for youth to learn these skills and beneficial for them to have jobs during summer months. Eaton said the program also helps the city of Selma in partnering with different companies and businesses to give the youth something to do.

“We want to see a decrease in the crime rates and violence in the city and having our youth working will do that,” Eaton said.

The program will be offered for eight weeks. The employment period will be split into two four-week sessions. The first will start on June 7 and end on June 20 and the second will start on July 11 and end on Aug. 8.

All employees will work 16 hours a week from Monday through Thursday. They will be paid $7.25 per hour.

The number of jobs available for the program this year is still growing. Last year there were 177 jobs available. Eaton said she wants the program to eventually offer at least 250 jobs for youth in the area. She also wants all youth to be able to work eight weeks instead of the program being divided into four-week sessions.

Requirements for the program include:

*Must live within the Selma City limits and be able to show proof of residence

*Must complete a summer youth application form

*Must between the ages of 15 to 22. If under the age of 18, a signature from a parent or guardian is required

*Must come on time to the lottery drawing on May 21 at 10:30 a.m. at the Selma Convention Center

* Must attend the four-hour orientation session on the first day of work

The lottery will determine which youth are placed in the program. Anyone who wants to be hired must be present if their name is pulled.

Mayor George Evans said he feels that the program is great for the city.

“It gives the youth an opportunity to have a few dollars in their pocket and teaches working skills like following job protocols and being on time. It gives them accountability as far as doing what is expected on a job,” Evans said.

For more information on the Summer Youth Employment Program, call Eaton at (334) 874-2105.