Price could increase for youth games

Published 10:31 pm Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The cost to attend a youth baseball game in Selma may soon cost an extra dollar.

Lebo Jones, interim director of the Selma Parks and Recreation Department, discussed a proposal at the Dallas County Commission meeting Monday that would raise the cost of admission into youth baseball and softball games at the Sportsplex to $2. The cost to enter a game is currently $1 at both the Sportsplex and Complex, but Jones said discussions are underway to change the price at both.

“We are not going to do one and not do the other,” Jones said.

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The extra money would go toward renovations. Jones said the Sportsplex is 16 years old and the Complex is 30 years old, so both could use some sprucing up.

The city of Selma owns the older Complex and Jones plans to make a proposal to the city’s athletic committee regarding the price change in the next few days. If the committee OKs the proposal, it would be presented to the Selma City Council.

Jones said either the price changes at both the Sportsplex and Complex, or admission remains at $1 at both facilities.

“They’ve got some wear and tear issues and we think the increase might help raise funds for some structural improvements, especially at the Complex. The press box and the bathrooms are older and it needs some tender love and care on some of the structures out there,” Jones said.

The money would also help pay for another ongoing problem at each park too. Commissioner Larry Nickles talked about an issue where parents drop off their children due to the low cost, so that they have a place to run around and play. The problem is that the children then run around without parent supervision and occasionally, the games end before the parents come back to get them.

“On Saturday, they’ll bring a carload of children and drop them off at the gate,” Nickles said.

When parents aren’t there and the games are over, a sheriff’s deputy stays until the children get picked up. Jones said it’s a problem a handful of times throughout the year.

“It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, it’s a problem,” Jones said.

Jones said he’s not sure when the $2 admission would go into affect, considering the youth baseball and softball season gets underway on Friday night. He said the change could take place midseason or it could wait until next year, but first it has to pass.