Mayor says patrols in Valley Grande area has positively affected crime in city

Published 6:12 pm Friday, March 25, 2016

Valley Grande Mayor Wayne Labbe said there has been a decrease in crime since Dallas County Sheriff’s Department officers began extra patrols of the area last month.

The extra patrolling is part of a three-month trial period where two officers will commit 30 to 40 additional hours each week in Valley Grande, patrolling neighborhoods and in turn discouraging wrongdoers.

Labbe said once that trial period ends, the city council will likely discuss extending the trial another three to six months so that it runs through the summer. That’s a smart move and it’ll give the city even more feedback on whether having officers in the city more often is having an impact on the crime rate.

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Like city officials, we’re pleased to learn that the extra patrol has helped deter crime in the Valley Grande area, which like Selma, has been hit with numerous home and car break-ins over the last several years.

Nothing is more important for a city than ensuring its citizens well-being. Valley Grande pays around $1,000 a week for the extra patrol, but for a city that can’t afford a police force, that doesn’t seem like a bad tradeoff.

We understand the financial limitations all cities face at times, and we also know that the extra patrolling has only taken place for a little more than a month, so the data could be skewed. However, if the data continues to show the patrolling is making a difference, we hope the city can find a way to continue the extra patrolling.

We’re sure the citizens of Valley Grande appreciate the continuing efforts to increase their safety.