Police arrest fifth, final suspect from New Year’s Eve shooting

Published 8:46 pm Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The fifth and final suspect of the fatal New Year’s Eve shootings was arrested by U.S. Marshals in Birmingham on Tuesday afternoon, ending a manhunt that has last almost three months.

Clarence Brenson, Glentravious Olds, Frederick Turner and Antonio Whatley had already been arrested. Alfred Parnell joined them Tuesday and will also face a capital murder charge after a robbery and shooting in Birmingham earlier this month.

Local law enforcement deserves credit for methodically tracking down all five suspects in a timely manner. The arrests of all five men have to help bring some sense of closure to the family, although the cases will now move to the court room.

The shootings were the kind that seem to happen all too often everywhere, but they hit especially hard here in Selma, which sees too much violence for a city of 20,000 people.

Antoine Stallworth and Mary Whatley were both shot and killed on New Year’s Eve in senseless murders. Police believe Stallworth was caught in the crossfire of two parties exchanging shots, while Whatley was just simply standing outside at her house.

While we applaud the Selma Police Department and Dallas County Sheriff’s Department on rounding up all five suspects in this case, there’s unfortunately many more to go.

Just over two weeks ago, T. J. Shelton and A.J. Lee were shot and killed near Foster Street and Selma Avenue.  Police are looking for help from others to help solve the case.

The families and friends of Shelton and Lee deserve closure too, so we encourage anyone with information to come forward. Crime Stoppers can be reached at (334) 874-2588 or 1-800-422-7463.