Valley Grande city council member steps down from position

Published 10:38 pm Monday, March 21, 2016

VALLEY GRANDE — The Valley Grande City Council has an unoccupied seat after a member recently stepped down and decided not to complete her term.

City council member Jane Craig has resigned because of personal issues that, according to Mayor Wayne Labbe, were unforeseen. He said she told him she was not able to fulfill her duties anymore and had to give up her seat.

“Anytime you lose a council member it will always be disappointing. She would have liked to finish her term if she could have but she said she couldn’t do it,” Labbe said.

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Craig gave official notice of her resignation on Feb. 16, leaving behind five other council members: Labbe, Kenneth Martin, Donna Downs, Ronald Sawyer and Tim White. She served on the council for just over three years.

Council members are working toward voting for a replacement. They have three people to choose from: Victoria Calhoun, David B. Barnes and Patsy J. Moore.

Calhoun is the assistant principal at Martin Middle School. Barnes is an electrical supply salesman, and Moore works at a park in the city and has 10 years of experience as a Valley Grande city council member.

At Monday’s meeting Labbe gave the work experience and applications of all three candidates to the council members and instructed them to look the documents over the next board meeting, which is planned for April 4 at 6 p.m.

Labbe said he is confident all of the candidates are good choices, and he has had a one-on-one conversation with all of them to give ideas of what he expects from whomever is chosen.

“I’m just looking for the best person. That’s what we need to have. Someone who is going to work,” Labbe said.

All four council members get one vote. If no candidate gets the majority vote, the one with the least votes will be eliminated and Craig’s successor will be determined between the last two standing candidates.