Would-be robber charged after recovering from shooting

Published 10:26 pm Thursday, March 17, 2016

The man who was shot while allegedly trying to rob a woman at a Selma ATM has been charged.

Cordarious Hayes

Cordarious Hayes

Cordarious Hayes, 20, was charged with attempt to commit murder and two accounts of first-degree robbery. No bond was given. Hayes will appear in court for hearings later in the week.

The suspect currently has three pending warrants from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office including failure to appear on third-degree theft of property, $50,000 bond; failure to appear on providing false information to law enforcement, no bond; and failure to appear on carrying pistol without a permit, no bond.

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Hayes was identified as the man who allegedly attempted to rob a 60-year-old woman at the Wells Fargo bank ATM on Citizen’s Parkway on March 7. The suspect was hospitalized with a gunshot in the back after an altercation with the victim’s 24-year-old grandson.

He has since been released and put on bed rest. Authorities had been waiting to arrest Hayes because of his condition and potential medical concerns.

That changed Thursday when Hayes was served arrest warrants around 2 p.m.

“He’s able to walk around, he’s able to face charges,” said Sgt. Evelyn Ghant. “If they don’t turn him down, he will be there with no bond.”

Ghant believes the arrest will put Selma at ease knowing the suspect is in custody.

“I think the citizens of Selma will be very please to have justice served,” she said.