Alleged ATM robber on bed rest, not yet charged

Published 11:41 pm Monday, March 14, 2016

Local authorities are waiting to charge a suspect who was shot while allegedly trying to rob a woman at an ATM last week because he is still under medical care.

The Selma Police Department has identified Cordarius Hayes, 20, as the man who allegedly tried to rob a 60-year-old woman at a Wells Fargo ATM on Citizens Parkway March 7, but he hasn’t been arrested because he’s still recovering.

Lt. Sam Miller with the SPD said the department has to wait for Hayes to be released from doctor’s care before pressing charges so he isn’t released from jail because of medical reasons. Arresting him now could also make the jail liable for his care.

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“If he’s still under a doctor’s care to where he has to have any treatment, the county jail is just going to cut him loose,” Miller said.

Investigators said a woman was withdrawing cash from the Wells Fargo’s ATM between 10 and 10:30 p.m. when approached by a man at gunpoint.

After failing to surrender her money, the suspect began waving his firearm in her face.

According to investigators, the victim’s grandson, 24, withdrew his weapon and exited the vehicle. The suspect opened fire on the grandson, who returned fire and shot the retreating suspect once in the back. The suspect made it home and had his mother take him to a hospital in Prattville. He was later transported to Baptist South in Montgomery.

The suspect has since been released from the hospital, but remains under doctor’s care. Hayes currently has three pending warrants from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, including failure to appear on third-degree theft of property, $50,000 bond; failure to appear on providing false information to a law enforcement officer, no bond; and failure to appear on carrying pistol without a permit, no bond.

“These warrants will be served on him as soon as he is released,” said Capt. Mike Granthum of the Sherriff’s Department.

Granthum said because Hayes failed to appear to court on his warrants the first time, he will not be able to make bond and will be held for court.

Miller said during that time, the SPD will serve its warrants on Hayes.

“We were looking at felony charges on him. He may confess, he may not. We’ll give him a chance to come clean,” he said.