Excited to start career in journalism in Selma

Published 5:16 pm Friday, January 1, 2016

By Chelsea Vance
The Selma Times-Journal

I was first introduced to Selma over 10 years ago when my mother and father moved my two brothers and me to Alabama. I was so depressed at first because I was city girl coming from Detroit, Michigan. Relocating here was a complete culture shock for me. 

I struggled to find my way.  For a long time I felt as if I was constrained to a place and a future that was not promising. I dwelled on what I left behind, instead of focusing on the opportunities that I had in front of me.

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When I graduated from Keith High School, I went on to Concordia College Alabama and later transferred to Alabama State University.

After I changed my major twice, I finally found my niche: journalism.

I fell in love with it.

Once I started to make my mark in college, I vowed to myself that I would flee right after I graduated.

This was the plan right up until my graduating semester. I started to apply for jobs everywhere but Alabama.

When I ran across the opening at The Selma Times-Journal, something compelled me to go against my long-time agenda of leaving. I applied and got hired.

I look at my job as a blessing and see it as something that was meant to humble me.

When I stopped trying to dodge certain things and situations and gave God all authority over my life, I saw that it was meant for me to be here.

I now appreciate the very place that I initially thought would be a stagnant foundation for me.

It’s funny, but in an ultimatum of choosing whether to start my career and young adult life in my hometown of Detroit or Selma, I would choose Selma every time.

I could only hope that everyone who resides here and has given up hope for the growth of the city will soon have a few experiences like mine.

I expect my start here to be nothing less than insightful, peculiarly enjoyable and overall interesting.

As far as making my mark here in Selma is considered, I’ll be sure to do my part in initiating and thoroughly executing all of the things that I see fit to possibly make the town a better place.

There is a lot of potential here, just not enough people finding ways to help the city to go beyond.