Gun groups responds to buy back story

Published 8:03 pm Friday, November 20, 2015

Dear editor,

After reading the article, “Concern over gun buy video” in the Nov. 10, 2015, newspaper, I felt it was necessary to respond from a different point of view.

This article discussed concerns about the gun buy back event at Macedonia Apostolic Center being video-taped by an out-of town gun rights group (BamaCarry).

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BamaCarry promotes all kinds of activities involving firearm safety and laws. A gun rights group such as ours works to defend your rights to buy and sell a firearm if you like.

Oddly enough, some politicians want to ban the very event you are having by expanding background checks and closing the gun show loophole that allows you to have this event.

While the intended purpose of having people turn in their unused firearms for the safety of others is ideal, the reality of this program questions whether stolen guns are being turned in for money.

Were any of these firearms used in a crime or stolen before the buyback? Does this not also endanger cases of crime solving, i.e. chain of evidence?

Chief Brock stated that this group does the same thing at other places (video taping and buying guns). Video taping if done is by individual law abiding citizens on their own.

It was also stated by Chief Brock that they are in it for money and yes, individual citizens do buy collectibles; some for personal use, some to resale, some as a way to preserve history, but this is done by the individuals and not by BamaCarry as a group.

It was also stated that they want someone to tell them to leave, so they would have a reason to file a lawsuit. BamaCarry isn’t looking to sue anyone but to educate and inform citizens on their rights protected by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Alabama and centers around the Right to Keep and Bear Arms through educational programs and, if necessary, legal means.

BamaCarry lobbies legislatures for change of unconstitutional laws and help in educating proper gun safety.

We also work to support Law Enforcement Agencies thru fundraisers and has donated $2,500 to Crimestoppers this year and has one fundraiser to go in December.

Angela Benjamin wants to know the gun buyback’s future?  What if money for the buy back could be donated to Crimestoppers or local police departments to a fund resembling the sheriff’s permit funding accounts that are not returned to general fund if not used in the current fiscal year.

The $5,000 supposedly available for the gun buyback is the equivalent amount of money raised by the sale of 250 pistol permits of which the proceeds are used for officer safety and for whatever the sheriff’s department needs.

How many problems would be solved this way?  Stolen guns would not be sold for their profit, and 5-6 officers’ time would be spent fighting crime instead of possibly giving money to felons for guns turned in, and law enforcement agencies would receive much needed money for their underfunded budgets.

Imagine the possibilities if more people donated money to solve crime, hired much needed officers or voted for more funding and not wasteful spending.

David Blackmon

Bama Carry