‘Angels on the Air’ makes Christmas merry for kids

Published 8:08 pm Friday, November 20, 2015

An event next week will make sure all children wake up to presents under the tree Christmas morning.

The local Salvation Army, Dixie Country and WHBB are teaming up for their annual Angels on the Air.

Throughout the day Tuesday, the organizations will be set up in front of Welle Studio on Broad Street. They will have the names of more than 600 angels to be adopted this Christmas.

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“It’s good for the community. A lot of people want to help out in situations and so this gives them that opportunity to be more personally involved,” said Major Steve Welch with the Salvation Army.

Any business or individual that adopts an angel during the event can have their name announced on air if they wish.

Welch said it’s all about the children and is happy to be part of a program that makes them happy.

“I just think back to when I was a child. If I didn’t have any gifts under the tree, I would be terribly disappointed,” Welch said. “So I think of all these hundreds of children that, they’ll be able to have something under the tree.”

Cards will be given to the donors with the child’s wants and needs.

“The need list is usually some type of clothing that they need the most. We have the sizes on the angel tags for their shirts and pants and shoes,” Welch said. “It’s just a way to indicate to the donor what particular type of clothing or necessity the child needs the most.”

During the event, Welch said people always seem excited and happy to pick out an angel.

“It’s a long day but it’s fun,” Welch said. “It’s great to see all these people coming up and they’re excited and enthused about adopting angels. We’re excited and enthused to help them do that.”

Angels on the Air will be Nov. 24 from 6 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Broad Street in front of Welle Studio.

“We’ll have them all spread out on the table arranged according to ages and gender,” Welch said. “We try to make it as easy as we can for everybody.”