Tally-Ho nominated for Alabama’s best steak competition

Published 8:05 pm Wednesday, July 8, 2015

 The steak at Tally-Ho Restaurant has been nominated as one of the best steaks in Alabama. --Alaina Denean Deshazo

The steak at Tally-Ho Restaurant has been nominated as one of the best steaks in Alabama. –Alaina Denean Deshazo

The Alabama Cattlemen’s Association is setting out to find the best steak in Alabama and at least one local restaurant has been nominated for the title.  

The contest began June 20 and will run through Aug. 30, giving the public an opportunity to have their opinions heard.

According to Paul Wilkerson, the Tally-Ho Restaurant received a notification that a customer had nominated them for the contest.

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“I guess we’re doing something right,” Wilkerson joked. “You don’t ever really think of yourself as being one that could get nominated for it, just do your thing and do the best you can.”

Paul, along with his wife Renee, are owners of the Tally-Ho Restaurant, which has been in business for more than 60 years.

Wilkerson said he was excited to find out that they had been nominated and it made him happy that their customers thought of them.

“That was really neat to see our name up there,” Wilkerson said.

“We’re flattered that one of our customers thinks highly enough to take time and recommend us for a spot like that.”

To be nominated for the best steak, the restaurant must be located in Alabama and the product has to be a beef steak and be on the menu at the restaurant. Only restaurants are eligible to win. No votes for individuals will be accepted.

Wilkerson said even if they don’t win, he is just pleased to know that people are thinking of them and that their customers are happy.

“Winning would just be icing on the cake,” he said. “Being nominated just shows that our customers actually do appreciate the effort that we put into the food that we put out.”

Wilkerson said it’s not just one person that the credit goes to for creating a good steak, it’s the entire team.

“It’s starts from the distributer. Our staff is well trained as far as preparing it and our servers do a great job of serving it,” Wilkerson said. “It’s a team effort all the way around through the venders to the cook to the waiter to the busboys. It’s a team effort that gives them the overall experience and maybe it’s a little bit of everything that makes the steak taste a little better.”

The competition will go through three rounds, starting with the public vote. On Aug. 16, a “Sizzling 16” bracket will be announced, which will include four restaurants from the North, Central, South and Gulf Coast region that received the most votes. In the week following, voters will be able to cast votes for those 16 locations in order to advance them to the “Enticing 8.” Voters will again have a week to vote for their favorite in hopes of advancing them to the “Fiery 4.”

Once the top four have been chosen, a panel of judges will visit the locations unannounced and judge the steaks based on overall flavor, tenderness and juiciness. The winner will be announced after all judging is complete.

To vote for the best steak in Alabama, visit bamabeef.org and click the “Alabama’s Best steak” icon, text BEEF to 20566 or scan a QR code on posters and advertisements inside the restaurants.

The Tally-Ho is located at 509 Mangum Ave. in Selma.