Free prostate screenings may be the best Father’s Day gift one could ask for

Published 10:48 pm Thursday, June 18, 2015

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Health officials from the Dallas County Health Department and the Urology Centers of Alabama are looking out for men in the Dallas County area by providing free prostate screenings on June 20. The 10-minute exams that will be administered could easily alter someone’s life, whether the results are negative or positive.

Men in Selma and Dallas County should take advantage of not only the free tests, but also the free medical services that will be provided to participants  by Dr. Thomas Moody and other professionals at Urology Centers of Alabama.

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The screening can save a life. Bad results can lead to further treatment and make men more aware of their health. It’s never too late to visit a urologist.

Dallas County Health Department administrator Stacey Adams, Selma Chief of Police William Riley and pastor John Grayson of Gospel Tabernacle Church should be applauded for their efforts in urging men to attend the screening.

They each played some type of special role in pushing men toward the upcoming exam, whether they loaded church members on a van to attend other free exams or posted flyers around offices. Dr. Moody and his staff also can’t be ignored for going the extra mile to travel from Birmingham to conduct the screenings and provide free medical services.

Hopefully, a long line of dads, grandfathers, uncles, cousins and sons will be seen at the Dallas County Health Department on Saturday. Other counties in the state have already had their screenings. For the dads across the city and county, please give yourself the best Father’s Day gift you could ever receive by looking out for your own health. For those who aren’t dads, please think about what your father would want you to do.