Group protests coverage of Forrest bust

Published 8:27 pm Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A group of protesters, led by Selma activist Rose Sanders, protested Wednesday outside The Selma Times-Journal. 

The protest centered on the newspaper’s coverage of a second bust of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest being installed Saturday at Old Live Oak Cemetery.

Sanders alleges the newspaper didn’t accurately portray Forrest as a slave owner and trader, among other allegations.

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“When you print an article that sanitizes their history — that’s what you did. You sanitized the history of Nathan Bedford Forrest,” Sanders said. “You would not have done that for any Nazi leader, and that’s what hurts me.”

The group handed out flyers outside the newspaper office that read in part, “Time to boycott those who boycott us.”

Sanders also alleges the paper refuses to print stories on the Black Life Matters Movement.

“Slavery was horrible, and we are still suffering from the impact of slavery,” Sanders said.

“How can you write an article in a majority black city and not mention these allegations. People don’t know who Nathan Bedford Forrest is. I just want the news to be reported fairly.”

Sanders said she attempted to pass out information on Forrest during the Battle of Selma anniversary and was initially stopped by Selma officers.

“When I insisted on the legal basis, they left me alone,” she said. “I think people want to know the truth. If there’s two sides, give two sides.”