Land Transactions for May 1 through May 14

Published 4:25 pm Saturday, May 16, 2015

PHH Mortgage Corp. to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 907 Ladayne Ave.

Norma J. Moon to Steven L. Allyn as trustee, 14066 Alabama Highway 14 West, $26,100

Steven L Allyn to Bank of America N A, 14066 Alabama Highway 14 West, $60,900

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Eugene Henderson Bayne to Darryl Bradley, Dallas County, $55,000

Virginia Cauley Paul to William K. Gresham, Dallas County, $80,900

William E. Cauley to William K. Gresham, Dallas County, $80,900

Kathryn Y.  Whittington to Thomas D. Tait, Dallas County, $12,750

Kathryn Alison Zavos to Thomas D. Tait, Dallas County, $25,500

Thomas D. Tait to Boothe & Bonnell LLC, Dallas County, $23,270

Mortgage Electronic Regis to PHH Mortgage Corp, Dallas County

Joshua Blake Buster to American Bank of Huntsville, 219 Old Marion Junction Road, $133,600

David Jordan to Willie G. Smiley, Dallas County, $1,500

Quandrant Residential Cap to Kirkland Investors LLC, Dallas County

South Land Company LLC to Vanessa Shine, Lot 23 Tipton Estates Subdivision. $3,000

Vanessa Shine to South Land Company LLC, Lot 23 Tipton Estates Subdivision, $11,900

Mary Joy Lang to Charles William Bud Lang, Dallas County, $39,000

Ronald Thomas Lipham Sr to Ronald Thomas Lipham Jr, 85 Co Rd 925, $88,600

Lesley E O’Kelley to William R O’Kelley, Dallas County, $19,350

Deloris Laurie Maston to Reynolds Wesley, 1608 Lapsley St, $35,000

Annette Perryman to Dave Gullett Jr., Dallas County, $28,000

Namon O’Neal Hoggle to Cynthia Anita H. Posey, Dallas County, $81,088

Joan V. Roussell to Phyllis R. Jones, 334 Crestwood Dr, $32,000

Phyllis R. Jones to Mutual Savings Credit Union, Dallas County

Alice Y. Breed to Kenneth Lee Smith, Dallas County, $10,000

Dannie E. Helms to First Franklin Financial, Dallas County, $9,990

4 Hamilton Timber LLC to First Bank of Linden, Dallas County, $44,773

Trice Edison Jackson to Alice McNeil, Dallas County, $8,432

Joseph D. Gorenflo to Jesse D. Jackson, Dallas County, $3,000

Jesse D. Jackson to Marion Bank & Trust Co., Dallas County, $16,500

Thomas E. McHugh Jr. to Eddie Bryant, 28 Mill St., Orrville, $8,800

Dawn Marie Beville to Gary M. Suther, Dallas County, $20,000

Gary M. Suther to Dawn Marie Beville, Dallas County, $172,000

U.S. Bank of National Association to Tanetta Austin, 104 Hardy Circle, $35,000

Chloris Mitchell to Vanlisa Jones, 400 Water Ave., $29,600

James Kenneth Smith to Robert A. Ingram Sr., Lot in Maring Subdivision, $3,000

Bank of America N.A. to Federal National Mortgage, 2612 Montague St.

Edward Clay Harrison to Tram Norris, Dallas County, $50,000

Trammell L Norris to Edward Clay Harrison, Dallas County, $69,000

Kim Harville to M & T Bank, 310 10th Ave, $52,500

Pilcher Land Corp. to Alabama Ag Credit PCA, Dallas County

Mistie Brown Odom to Interlinc Mortgage Services, 1313 Old Orrville Road, $84,000

Suzanne McLeod to United States of America, Dallas County

George Savage to George Savage, Dallas County, $4,400

Delorise Wallace to Delorise E. Wallace, 1005 Memorial Drive, $33,900

Mary M. Smith to Clarence Smiley, Lots 1 & 1-A, Block E, Washington Community Subdivision No. 1, $5,400

Lois Gordon Brown to Robert J. Gordon Jr., Dallas County, $142,700

Robert J Gordon Jr.,to Lois Gordon Brown, Dallas County, $137,300

Law Lamar Frazer II to Annette Kesting, Dallas County, $1,178

Annette Kesting to Regions Bank, 815 King St., $63,822

Mark E. Schilleci to M.E. Schilleci Properties, 499 Oak St. $126,700

Jerry Bleas Tolbert to Jennifer Lynn Tolbert, Dallas County, $166,400

PMT NPL Financing 2014-1 to Calvin Thomas, 1305 Green St, $17,000

Jennifer Leigh Bowman to William E Ward, Lot 43, Twin Rivers Preserve