Group wants to clean up streets as well as attitudes

Published 8:20 pm Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Community members are teaming up to give the citizens of Selma something to be proud of — a clean city.

The Dallas County Children’s Policy Council along with community members have created a “Keep It Clean, Selma” campaign.

The group is planning a clean-up day May 9 from 8:30 a.m. through 12 p.m. beginning at Hope Academy.

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“There’s a lot of Facebook groups that are community Selma groups, and I had noticed a lot of negativity about the trash that people see,” said Amy Carmichael, project coordinator. “So I started thinking about doing a clean up day and then I was introduced to Judge [Bob] Armstrong who had the same idea. His was more a campaign to not just do a clean up day, but to clean up our attitudes and what we say about Selma. So in a sense, clean the negativity out of Selma as well as the trash.”

Around 60 people have said they are going to attend according to the projects Facebook page, Keep it Clean, Selma.

“There has been a good amount of interest,” Carmichael said. “Our ultimate goal is to get all of the organizations in town, like all of the non-profits, churches, schools, [to] unite with a common goal that benefits all the groups and make people feel like they’re not stuck here, but want to live here.”

Sonya Taylor, who is also helping coordinate the project, said the ultimate goal is much bigger than just picking up the trash off the streets.

“The vision is to bring jobs into our city, industries into the city through the vision of a clean city, a clean mind, a clean heart … that just gives a better outlook for the city,” Taylor said. “This is event is really needed because there again we’re bringing the city together. We want to make it a unity effort, and we want to teach out children to keep it clean.”

As the event draws closer, Taylor and Carmichael said they are getting excited and are anticipating a great day for Selma.

“I’m very excited. The closer it gets I keep getting more excited and the more volunteers we get and everything is just kind of coming together,” Carmichael said. “It’s something to give people so that they can have pride in the community and that’s a big part of it is if it’s clean.”

Organizers said they hope to continue the clean up day once a month and keep the community coming together for a common cause.

“Out of this event I hope that we bring the city together. The main focus is for people outside to see that our city is beautiful,” Taylor said. “I am very excited. We’re working hard on getting our donation letters out and actually getting sponsors to partner with us.”

So far, Dr. Julie Sams, Selma Medical Weight Loss and Spa, James E. Siddens, CPA and Papa Johns Pizza have sponsored the event and Carmichael said they are hoping for even more.

To become a sponsor or to learn more about Keep it Clean, Selma, contact Carmichael at (251) 680-4802, or visit their Facebook page.