Turn to Jesus when seeking answers

Published 7:01 pm Saturday, April 11, 2015

By Larry Stover
The Selma Times-Journal

There are many marvelous events that occurred after Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead. One of my favorites comes from the Gospel of Luke chapter 24. It is the story of Cleopas and his friend who has left Jerusalem and began a seven mile journey to their home in Emmaus.

Along the way their discussion was on the crucifixion and the rumors they had heard concerning the resurrection of Christ. They were trying to make sense of the confusion and the fears associated with their bewilderment. While they were walking, Jesus, hiding His identity, joins them on the journey. The Lord immediately picks up on their sadness and despair. Cleopas and his friend had left Jerusalem totally perplexed by the information circulating about the missing body of Jesus and speculation He was alive.

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Jesus takes over the discussion and begins to help them both understand that the events of the weekend were the fulfillment of prophecy. He takes them back to Moses and takes them on a historical and theological journey through the prophets highlighting all the scripture relating to his life, death, and resurrection.

When the two disciples arrived at the home of Cleopas, they begged their new friend to stay for supper.  While they were eating, Jesus opened their eyes to the reality of “the risen Savior.” As Jesus disappeared from their sight, they raced back to Jerusalem to tell the others that they had seen the Lord.

It was the presence of Jesus who gave them peace and hope in the midst of their sadness and depression. Their hearts were burning within as they shared the experience with the other disciples. There was no more sadness or bewilderment; there was no more confusion or fear. Jesus was alive and they knew it!

Malcom Muggeridge, a former atheist, was sent to the Holy Land to do a film documentary on the Life of Jesus.

The more he involved himself in it the more interested he became in the resurrection. In the final episode of his documentary, he walked along the road to Emmaus in an attempt to catch the spirit of those two followers of Christ on that first Easter morning.

It was then he expressed his faith in God. Muggeridge declared, “I am assured of this point, that there is always a presence ready to emerge from the shadows and to fall in step along the dusty stony way, regardless of what you may have been asked to endure.”

The presence of Jesus Christ is always recognizable if we open up our lives to Him.

Your road to Emmaus may be the place you go to grieve the death of a loved one.  It may be your destination traveled when things haven’t gone your way.  Wherever that road leads you, there is no reason to live defeated as long as the Holy Spirit of Christ is there.  When you meet Jesus on your road to Emmaus, life will be “Simply Beautiful.”