Selma shows its generosity, true self once again

Published 8:23 pm Friday, March 13, 2015

By Jerria Martin
The Selma Times-Journal

On last Friday I had an unfortunate accident that totally ruined my PT Cruiser. What would have been a cold and hopeless moment turned into one of the most precious experiences of my life and it was all because of our people. At the time of my accident on Highland Avenue, Joyce Harris, who owns Covenant Reality, ran out of her office immediately converting into mother mode and stood by my side until my own parents came to see about me.

Her sister Mrs. Johnson and good friend Mr. Ray sat me down in the midst of my nightmare and told me that everything was going to be okay. Even though we were nearly strangers, they treated me like their daughter; this blessed my heart and lifted my spirit. Our people are the greatest.

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Sunday March 1, I could not have been more proud of the people of Selma. Almost 2,000 folks showed up to make the powerful statement that we are one Selma, united in faith! This is the Selma I love. We have so much to be proud of! Maybe you’re not sure who Selma is. Let me remind you:

Selma is the young Miss Sophie Talton, whose altruistic spirit has empowered her to reach and bless people from Selma all the way to Nicaragua.

We are Terri Sewell who graduated from two Ivy League Schools and went on to become the first woman to be elected to congress.

Selma is Martha Lockett, who puts her complete strength and energy into educating and lifting our communities through the arts.

We are Rev. Dr. F. D. Reese who hasn’t stopped marching on the road to justice, equality and unity since 1965.

We are Clay Carmichael and the Black Belt Benefit Group, who work tirelessly to develop events and programming that raises funds to support and bring awareness to the social issues in our communities.

We are Randy Williams, who uses the power of communication to empower the voiceless and share the opinions of many.

We are Jwanda Maxwell and the Rev. Dr. Jerry Light, two friends who a had vision of a united Selma and acted on that vision!

These are our people! This is our Selma! We are black, brown, white, young and old, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish. We are Selma and we are beautiful. Moreover, when we come together we are powerful!

Selma has crossed so many bridges, and there are many more to be crossed.

As we cross those bridges; whether it’s education, poverty, or economic development, what will matter the most and make all the difference is that we cross those bridges together, as one Selma. Because deep down in my heart I truly believe that there is redeeming, restorative, powerful and liberating hope in our people!