Many sacrificed their weekend to pick up trash

Published 7:19 pm Monday, March 2, 2015

One of the busiest weeks in Selma history has arrived and with it comes the culmination of months and months of hard work from city leaders and everyday citizens. With the majority of the incoming jubilee crowd expected to arrive later in the week, there’s still work being completed, but it’s all winding down.

Saturday a big chunk of one of Selma and the surrounding area’s biggest problems was taken care of by those in the Adopt A Mile program, who picked up trash down U.S. Highway 80. Seemingly every mile on Highway 80 Saturday there were groups of volunteers, picking up trash to make sure visitors that drive through this weekend don’t have to look at roadways surrounded by garbage.

Among the volunteers were students from Wallace Community College Selma and members of Lillies of the Valley.

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There seemed to be orange trash bags lined up everywhere, which shows just how much garbage there was on the road. With the hard part along that stretch of road complete, our hope is that motorists will refrain from tossing items out their windows and dirtying what can be a visually appealing stretch of highway.

If everyone makes the effort to pick up an item or two and refrains from littering, people will start talking less about trash on the roadway and will instead just notice Selma. That’s the end goal we should all have in mind.