City needs to clean up trash before March events

Published 7:58 pm Tuesday, February 24, 2015

As the city prepares for one of the biggest events in its history  — the 50th anniversary Bridge Crossing Jubilee — different community members are doing their part to help clean up the city.

Driving down many roads in Selma trash is visible by the roads and in some cases piles of trash line the road.

It’s a serious problem that people in the community need to address. We want the city to look its best when thousands of people come in March. There are so many attractive things about Selma, and we don’t want it to be overshadowed by the amount of trash lying around.

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We should encourage our guests to help keep our city clean while they are here taking part in the many activities scheduled that week.

To help the cause, the city of Selma is asking for the community’s help with a city wide cleanup.

The cleanup started Monday and will run through Thursday.

The Public Works Department is adding two wards each day in addition to the wards that are regularly scheduled for trash pickup each day.

The city held a similar event in January and we are glad to see that they are continuing in their effort to make Selma as nice as it can be when the spotlight is shining down on the Queen City.

We are thankful that the city has held a program like the cleanup, and we hope that even after the Jubilee has come and gone, the community will continue to see the need for clean streets.