Man sentenced to life for kidnapping, attempted rape

Published 9:48 pm Friday, February 20, 2015

By Blake Deshazo

The Selma Times-Journal

A Selma man has been sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping and attempting to rape a minor in August 2011.

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Circuit Judge Jack Meigs sentenced Earnest J. Parker, 49, Friday at the Dallas County Courthouse to serve two life sentences in prison for first-degree attempted rape and first-degree kidnapping.

“Earnest Parker needs to make sure his suitcase is packed because he is going to prison for a long time,” said Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson after the sentencing. “Students should be able to walk home safely without having to worry about sexual predators.”

A Dallas County jury convicted Parker in early December 2014 for the felony charges.

According to Jackson, Parker drove up to a 15-year-old female on August 23, 2011, as she was walking to school.

Parker asked the girl if she needed a ride, but she told him “no” and reported it to school officials.

That same afternoon, Parker drove up to the girl and once again asked if she needed a ride.

After being told “no” for a second time, Parker got out of his car, grabbed the victim by her book bag and drug her to an abandoned house on the 1400 block of Washington Street, according to Jackson.

With a knife held to the victim’s throat, Parker tore the victim’s clothes, as he attempted to rape the 15-year-old girl, said Jackson.

According to Jackson, Parker’s attempt to rape the girl was stopped, as a woman, who saw what was happening, beat Parker with a stick, allowing the girl to escape without any injuries and contact law enforcement.

After the incident was reported to the Selma Police Department, the 15-year-old victim picked Parker out of a police lineup.

Parker was then arrested and charged with first-degree kidnapping and first-degree attempted rape the day after the incident occurred.