Land Transactions for Dec. 19, 2014, through Dec. 30, 2014:

Published 4:44 pm Saturday, January 10, 2015

Raymond A Brignac to Jeffrey E Howell, 59 Berkeley Rd, $136,000

Jeffrey E Howell to American Bank of Huntsville, 59 Berkeley Rd, $179,000

McDowell Lake Properties to Hazel P King, 4685 Co Rd 17, $26,500

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Pioneer Electric Cooperative to Killian Albritton, Dallas County

Killian Albritton to Pioneer Electric Cooperative, Dallas County, $87,300

Janice S Lewis to Jason D Smith, Dallas County, $2,600

Carolyn J Gill to Alabama Power Co, Dallas County, $13,300

Lawrence A Grant to Gary Shane C McComb, 13578 Co Rd 37, $6,400

Gary Shane C MaComb to Fairway Independent Mortgage, 13578 Co Rd 37, $121,600

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Dwayne A Reese, Dallas County

Stephen S Smith to James E Terry, 590 Valley View Dr

James E Terry to USAA Federal Savings Bank, 590 Valley View Dr, $255,000

Lillie Bender Harrell to Tearra Wright, 2019 Lauderdale St, $75,200

Frank W Williamson to Frank W Williamson, 14401 Main St, Orrville, $57,000

Judy Ella Quitman-Booker to Clarence Seay, 1601 Selma Ave, $8,000

Mary Elizabeth G Switzer to Earl G Alsobrook, 124 Co Rd 65, $27,750

Earl G Alsobrook to Fairway Independent Mortgage, 124 Co Rd 65, $157,250

C & B Realty LLC to Capstone Bank, 424 King St, $52,279

Joe K Ennis to Franconia Real Estate Service, Dallas County, $294,500

Reginald Wade to Eddie Fuller, Jr, 425 Pettus St, $10,000

RES Properties LLC to South Land Company LLC, Lots in Tipton Estate, Plats 2&3, Dallas County, $13,850

RES Properties LLC to South Land Company LLC, Lot 25, Tipton Estates, Subdivision, Plate 3, Dallas County

South Land Company LLC to Town-Country National Bank, Dallas County, $135,750

Richard E McDowell to Jeremy Nichols, 105 Co Rd 946

Jeremy Nichols to Richard E McDowell, Dallas County, $55,499

Barry Leffard to Gary L Garrick, 1015 Co Rd 326, $40,000

William Austin to Twenty First Mortgage Corp, 101 Arrowhead Rd, $44,877

Julane E Jefferson to Julane E Jefferson, Dallas County, $7,250

Bank of America, N A to Selene Finance LP, Dallas County

Gary K Shipman Sr to Quicken Loans Inc, 3133 Landline Road, $88,400

Victor J Andress to Rickman E Williams, III, Dallas County, $423,504

Millennium Properties LLC, 2905 & 2909 Citizens Parkway

Richard E Suddeth to Millennium Properties, Lots 6-A, McKenzie-Buchanan Addition, $250,000

Tyrone Hatcher to Rafael Brathwaite, Dallas County, $120,000

Rafael Brathwaite to Mutual Savings Credit Union, Lots 16,17,20 & 21 of Block 13 of Clifford & Stone Subdivision

Julia Boggs to David Lee Boggs, Lots 1, 2 & 4, Brentwood Estates, $19,000

Chip Cleveland to Nicholas Jones, Lot 11 of Block 3, Mullen Addition

Malonia Lye Full Worthy to Donald Lamar Barrett, 862 Co Rd 564, $26,600

Samuel Jackson McKissack to Alan H Jones, 1505 W Highland Ave

Alan H Jones to Samuel Jackson McKissack, Dallas Ave, $250,000

Pamela Kay Twilley Dennis to Kelli Lyn Twilley Prescott, 355 Centenary St, $99,100

Paul C Watson Jr, to Courtney A Washington, Lot 16 of Block C of Cardinal Hills Subdivision, $1,522

Courtney A Washington to Hometown Lenders, LLC, 2603 Montague St, $82,478