Campaign helps keep dementia patients safe

Published 6:39 pm Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Alzheimer’s Outreach Group is giving people a chance to support their favorite football team while giving to a worthwhile cause.

The group is hosting a Bronze Bowl, encouraging residents to visit Regions banks in Dallas County and give $15 or more in return for University of Alabama or Auburn University bronze key chains.

The team with the most donations through Jan. 12 will be declared the winner.

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Alzheimer’s Outreach Group will give the donations to Project Lifesaver’s efforts to buy transmitter bracelets for people with dementia, who may wander away from home due to their condition.

Trained emergency responders have been able to locate every individual enrolled in its program in less than 30 minutes using the bracelets, which emit a tracking signal.

“A person can get out of the house, and you won’t even know it,” said Wayne Calloway, director of Alzheimer’s Outreach Group. “This can give you a peace of mind to where if something happens and someone wanders off, all you have to do is call the sheriff’s department.”

According to the Alabama State Troopers Association, the transmitters cost $300 per bracelet. Calloway said it’s important that the public give to this cause, so clients with the program can have the bracelets at no cost.

“We have to get the bands available, so anyone who needs it can get it,” Calloway said. “It saves lives, and it gives peace of mind.”

Alzheimer’s Outreach Group has been encouraging people to give a $15 donation or more in return for a bronze collegiate key chain since December 2013. As of Friday, they have been able to raise about $3,000, and Calloway is hopeful that the community will continue to give generous contributions.

“People in the area have been wonderful,” he said. “They really have.”

All donations to the Alzheimer’s Outreach Group are tax deductible, Calloway said.

For more information about the Alzheimer’s Outreach Group, call (334) 419-3610, visit or email