ADOR warns of telephone scam

Published 11:11 pm Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Alabama Department of Revenue has been made aware of a current scam targeting Alabama taxpayers.

Someone claiming to be an employee of the Department of Revenue is making phone calls telling taxpayers they need to pay an amount due immediately.

According to Julie Magee, Commissioner of Revenue, this is a scam and not originating out of the Alabama Department of Revenue. The fraudulent phone calls have an area code from New York State. Please be aware of any phone calls coming from (607) 767-7109 or (607) 767-7132.

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Taxpayers should not comply or give out any personal information if called from these numbers. The Alabama Department of Revenue typically communicates to taxpayers through written correspondence.

The department requests anyone receiving suspicious phone calls like this to contact the department at (334) 242-3012.