We should embrace positivity in Selma area

Published 7:55 pm Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It’s been unexpectedly significant for me to know this queen city, where hospitality and good people abound.

Let’s support these people that keep Selma’s little light shining. We’ll also continue to support and promote the verity that places that invest well in education are rewarded immensely with educated populaces, decidedly trained work forces and a self- continuing circle of job creation that relies on the availability of educated workers. We will remain hopeful and focus less on those who don’t like us. If things are not as perfect as we would want it to be yet, we must still uncover strength in it. What you call shortage of resources or disappointment may be training in disguise.

We need to solidify relationships with those who believe that everybody is different for a reason. When we appreciate diversity and relate accordingly, that’s when we grow in honor and resources. We are all leaders. So when our prayer and dreams are unselfish but are based on how to judge and treat all our people fairly, that’s when we grow in wisdom, understanding, riches, honor, extended admiration and connection. Furthermore, if you know anybody that you have intentionally or mistakenly offended or betrayed more than once and that person still does not treat you as an enemy, that’s a great person to observe, partner with and learn from regardless.

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Continue to be progress-oriented  in your dealings and don’t fret, because you may be in what I call the crawling stage, which is the last stage before you can stand and walk. You may even be in what I call the pit stage, the theoretical and practical lonely and humbling stage that gives you only one choice in terms of dependency. And that’s a choice to depend only on the Almighty who’ll instill the toughness and wisdom for progress and to stand against wrong schemes. All true great people, by my definition, pass through these stages.

We have good plans. We, also have room for necessary amendments. We should always endeavor to be part of the group that works to change things for the better for all of us. Our decision should never become personal but issue-based.

Personally, I like the contingency theory in terms of decision. Contingency theory is a decision making theory that tells you to decide or vote based on the situation at hand and not politics or unnecessary competition. It asks you to consider current factors affecting your issue.

Be strong. Most great achievers know how to mobilize the totality of their strength to work and hand their weakness to God. Don’t allow the 1 percent deficiency in you or other people overshadow the 99% goodness in you or them.