Reese and O’Neal’s honor reminds us of Selma’s greatness

Published 5:09 pm Saturday, October 25, 2014

Selma is well represented in the 2014 Alabama Senior Citizens Hall of Fame, thanks to residents Frederick Douglas Reese Sr. and Joyce O’Neal Oct. 12 induction.

Reese and O’Neal made outstanding contributions   to the lives of older Americans, which made them well deserving of the honor.

Reese was recognized for his positive influence in the church community, while O’Neal was chosen for her role in the health community.

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If the Alabama Senior Citizens Hall of Fame can take the time to appreciate these generous individuals, we shouldn’t hesitate to congratulate them for all they have done.

Our community should take every opportunity we have to let Reese and O’Neal know that they mean so much to us.

As two of the 10 selected to be inducted into the hall of fame, they reminded the rest of us that Selma produces greatness that makes an impact on the world around them.

Congratulations, Reese and O’Neal.