We should be a blessing to others, not hurt them

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, October 16, 2014

Let us choose to be a blessing to others and not just to hurt people gratuitously.

A choice of walking or driving around this beautiful time of the year, looking for places or vehicles to break into is a poor choice that’s repugnant to heavenly and worldly justice systems.

The people that see the crimes or know how to solve them or prevent future occurrences and don’t do anything about them are obviously accomplices to the crime as far as I’m concerned. They are also  contributors to the growing impediment of a city or community that has lots of good people who I’ve come to know and respect.

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These may even be crimes of intimidation. Terrorism is an organized system of intimidation and this foolishness is categorized as terrorism

We will not be distracted or intimidated. I already know that when you are positioned to do something progressive and beneficial for all, the enemies throw challenges and distractions to knock you off course, but I also realize that enemies are further cursed for trying to keep a good man down or break overcomers. This type of terrorism is everywhere in the world and the causes, in most cases, are lack of basic education, laziness, greed or enviousness.

We in this community should have zero tolerance for people who utilize their time to hurt people that work hard. I have more respect for people who work, than people who choose to miff innocent people.

We all need to help. It’s unfair that people’s properties from hard earned money are destroyed when some nincompoops think it’s funny. Besides the inconvenience of destroying your property, if your cost of repair is less than your deductible, you pay from your pocket. So for victims without insurance, they already know what the deal is.

We may have to lobby to introduce stiff penalties when these bad people are caught breaking and stealing from people who worked for what they have. Until then, I promise to continue being a good neighbor, friend, family member  and school board member.

As a good neighbor, I will continue to look out for my neighbors and report any senseless act against them. As a friend and family member, I will continue to encourage and support getting a good education. And as a school board member, I will continue to support superintendents and other leaders who are committed to reducing the dropout rate and increasing the graduation rate, for these efforts have a tremendous impact on crime activities in any community.

It costs the public $200 billion annually for these crimes and welfare benefits.

Let’s choose to be a blessing and make others smile today, tomorrow, and forever.