Selma Lions Club helps bring yet another successful year of family fun

Published 9:55 pm Friday, October 3, 2014

The 2014 Central Alabama Fair ends Oct. 4, Saturday, but not without leaving plenty of those who attended with plenty of smiles and good memories.

Considering the success it’s had in the past with thrilling local residents and those from afar, it’s no surprise this year also went well.

With all the activities, everyone attended surely found their way to a game, ride or snack that excited them.

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Among the countless attractions, foods and fair events, were some favorites, such as all of the fair pageants and Kids Night and the Central Alabama Sing Off, ferris wheel, and of course, delicious Cozy Dogs.

No matter the age, we can surely all appreciate the significance of the fair.

The Central Alabama Fair allows parents to enjoy some especially exciting times with their children.

It allows adults swamped by a long’s day’s work to relax and let free the kid in them.

It brings the community together to enjoy each other’s company despite whatever differences we may have.

We understand that preparing and running the fair may come with a lot of stress and hard work for those responsible for working and organizing it.

With that in mind, we appreciate the Central Alabama Fair for bringing us memorable nights.

We look forward to another year of Central Alabama Fair fun. We can’t even begin to imagine what it will have in store for us next year.

Until then, we’ll reflect on the good times we’re already had.