UPDATE: Man shot at candlelight vigil, deputies look for juvenile suspect

Published 1:45 pm Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department is searching for a juvenile reportedly responsible for shooting a man during a candlelight vigil Friday in Orrville.

The ceremony was meant to honor 19-year-old Jamira Barley, who died Sept. 19 in a car accident when the Toyota Camry she was riding in hit a deer, left Dallas County Road 29 and struck several trees.

The vigil ended chaotically when the juvenile appeared and fired shots in the air, according to Mike Granthum with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

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“I think it was disrespectful to her for them to do this here,” said Risheka Sheffield, a mother who attended the vigil with her 2-year-old child. “It was really disrespectful to all of us, because any of us could have gotten hurt.”

Guests were in the process of honoring the Orrville teen when the shooter appeared and fired three to four shots in the air, Granthum said.

A group of attendees proceeded to wrestle the shooter to the ground, attempting to take the gun away from the suspect.

During the scuffle, the suspect shot Orrville resident Cedrick Butler, who’s in his 20s, in the ankle.

Butler’s mother transported him to Vaughn Regional Medical Center to be treated for minor injuries, said Grantham, who was uncertain of Butler’s current condition.

“There was an argument a couple months ago between some guys, and [the suspect] was part of the argument,” Grantham said. “We think it may be associated with a previous argument. We’re not sure.”

Officials said they believe Butler was not involved in the ongoing confrontation.

“We don’t think [Butler] was the actual target at the time,” Grantham said. “I believe he just got shot because he helped to wrestle him down.”

Dallas County Sheriff’s Department officials have identified a suspect and are searching for him. The department declined to release his name because of his age.

To report information concerning the shooting, call the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department at 874-2530.