Filing for exemption begins Oct. 1

Published 10:31 pm Thursday, September 18, 2014

By Alaina Denean 

The Selma Times-Journal

Thanks to a special exemption, some Selma residents may no longer have to pay garbage fees.

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The exemption is for households who can claim Social Security as their only form of income. The qualification period is from Oct. 1 through Dec. 31. To qualify for the exemption, residents must take a current benefit letter from the social security office to the Tax & License department at the Selma City Hall.

“You have to be receiving Social Security benefits,” said city of Selma Tax Collector Kim Lewis. “The sole source of income has to be Social Security alone.”

Lewis said relying on Social Security alone means there can be no wage or retirement income from anyone else living in the household.

As an example, Lewis said if a resident’s daughter or son was living with them and receiving income, it would prevent that resident from qualifying for the garbage exemption.

Lewis said, like in past year’s, the deadline to qualify will be strict.

“After Dec. 31, the Tax and License Department will no longer accept applications from customers to apply for garbage exemption,” Lewis said.

Lewis said every year people try to qualify for the exemption after the deadline and are unable to do so. Last year, Lewis said about 500 people qualified for the exemption.

Anyone who has questions about how to apply can call 874-2112.