Holiday House comes home

Published 5:21 pm Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Old Depot Museum’s annual Holiday House fundraiser is returning to the Larry D. Striplin Performing Arts Center.

The shopping attraction provides a huge gift-buying opportunity for area residents from Dec. 1 through Dec. 13. Profits from the event will fund renovations for the Old Depot Museum on Martin Luther King Street, which museum director Beth Spivey needs to be updated.

“Not only are you supporting the community, since it’s the people in the community that selling their items, the money is going to enhance our community,” Old Depot Museum director Beth Spivey said. “When people come to Selma and they come to this museum, I want them to be impressed and not depressed.”

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Renovations for the museum include frames engraved an explanation of the photo inside, installing new lights and more.

Spivey said she’s happy the event, which was held at a city-owned building on Washington Street last year, is returning to the Performing Arts Center on Selma Ave.

Spivey also said, shoppers will be able to pay with debit and credit cards this year, a change from previous years.

Jewelry, candles, decorations, candles, homemade crafts and other items fit for the season will be available during the Holiday House.

For more information, contact event organizer Candi Duncan at 412-8550.