Dallas County government an example of responsible budgeting, spending

Published 4:12 pm Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When Dallas County Probate Judge Kim Ballard announced Monday that all county employees could see a raise, it was hardly surprising.

Sure, it hadn’t been openly discussed previously, but under the current crop of commissioners the county has repeatedly been a good steward of taxpayer money. Being able to give employees a raise is just one example.

Ballard said a four-percent raise is likely, but exact funding still needs to be decided. Regardless, a four-percent raise is significant. Some make a habit out of giving employees bonuses at Christmas time.

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There’s no doubt that the bonuses help in some aspect, but a one-time lump sum makes little to no long-term difference.

With a raise for every employee, the county will bear the burden of paying for taxes, benefits and obviously an increased salary. For county employees every check could soon be a bit larger and retirement checks will also be slightly higher than if the raise doesn’t occur.

By no means is the Dallas County government rich, but with its sound fiscal policies its able to make investments in its most important asset — employees.

Despite Ballard’s plans, nothing is finalized yet.

The county still needs to follow through and approve the budget with raises. Employees are the reason that Dallas County’s government is so effective and the commission should show its appreciation by voting for the raise.