Teams, bands and squads deserve our support

Published 6:59 pm Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday marked the first day of official practice for area high school football teams.

Players from Plantersville to Orrville and everywhere in between, took to area fields to begin final preparations for the upcoming high school football season.

But, while they were taking to the field for their first official practices, there have been plenty of others who have spent weeks getting ready.

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Hundreds of students who take part in the band and cheerleading squads, have already attended their camps and workouts, practiced their moves for halftime performances or for sideline cheers.

Far too often, we put the focus on the men between the lines of the football field, forgetting just how many people are truly involved in a Friday night under the lights.

And, we would be remiss if we did not mention the parents and other family members who have already this summer arranging trips to practices, purchasing uniforms and equipment and paying for camps and fees.

Now all that is missing is a few more weeks of practice before the first games in late August.

Then, the only missing ingredient would be the fans. It would be a shame for all of this time and money to have been invested with no one there to enjoy it and to cheer on those who have spent most of their summer away from the classrooms working.

Get out there and support your team, support your band and support your cheerleaders. Regardless of the scores or the records, they deserve your support and your applause.