Sprinklers cover entirety of city park

Published 10:56 pm Tuesday, July 22, 2014

By Scottie Brown

The Selma Times-Journal


After an exciting special meeting on July 1, the Valley Grande City Council took it easy for their meeting on Monday.

While there was not much old or new news to discuss, councilmember Tim White said in his meeting report that progress had been made on the sprinkler system for the walking trail in Valley Grande.

A sprinkler system was already in place for the walking trail, but it did not cover the entire area of the park, White said.

“All of the areas in the whole walking trail area will be able to be covered with what we’ll have over there now,” White said. “It was just partially [covered] before, so we went all the way around to be able to cover the new shrubbery.”

The sprinkler system will be set on a timer to run at certain parts of the day, and White said the sprinkler system would also have two automatic switches built in.

“It’ll have the deal on it where that if it is raining and it rains so much it’ll cut them off,” White said. “If it doesn’t rain but a little bit, it’ll keep going to water. It’ll have the freeze system on it where if the temperature drops below freezing it’ll cut them off automatically or either let them run automatically to keep them from freezing.”

White said the project would benefit not only benefit the plants in the park, but also help boost the aesthetic appeal of the park.

“It’ll just spruce it up and make it nicer, greener and prettier,” White said.

The project, which cost $5,315, should be completed before the week is done, White said.

“I went over there today to look at what all he had done and he’s coming along,” White said.  “[He’ll] probably be through in the next few days.”

Councilmember Donna Downs, who filled in as Mayor Pro Tempore for the meeting during Mayor Wayne Labbe’s absence, said she was pleased with how the project was turning out.

“It looks good,” Downs said. “The walking trail looks wonderful.”