Residents care about status of Selma

Published 8:11 pm Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It nearly sank, and for far too long, we have felt it was simply ignored.

We sat back and thought, “Where are the city work crews trying to save a city park?”

We sat back and wondered how long was it going to take to move the massive monument from falling into a sinkhole.

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We sat back and wondered what caused the sinkhole and what — rather when — would that be fixed.

The disappointing case of the collapsing Bienville Park, located on Water Avenue, overlooking the Alabama River, might actually be coming to an end thanks to a number of active and vocal residents and the hard work of Selma City Councilmember Greg Bjelke.

But, even comments made by Bjelke Monday, as he worked to level the ground of the park, readying in for new grass, cause us to pause.

“I didn’t know how important this was to people,” Bjelke said. “People are very interested in this project, and I hope it can be a pretty little space for the people of Selma to enjoy.”

Yes, Mr. Bjelke, the park is important to people, as is the overall condition of Selma.

That is why we are so adamant on the city investing in infrastructure to fix collapsing sewage lines and streets. That is what frustrates us with certain city policies involving investing in cleanliness and code enforcement.

The residents of Selma, who are proud to call the Queen City home, are interested in the status of the city far more than just the months leading up to municipal elections every four years.

There is plenty of work left to do to address problems of litter, crumbling infrastructure and curb appeal, but we are thankful that the Bienville Park is close to being checked off the list.