Attitude can make all the difference throughout life

Published 4:19 pm Saturday, July 12, 2014

By Larry Stover
The Selma Times-Journal

Life is about attitude. We are always sizing up situations. I see it all the time. We have positive or negative attitudes about where we shop, where we eat, where we live, and yes, even where we go to church.

Life is all about choosing what kind of attitude we will manifest on any given day. Many Americans just can’t deal with situations that break their routine. It’s all about attitude.

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There is the positive side. I have seen customers in stores pick up items someone else dropped on the floor. I’ve watched people act with patience when everything was going wrong. Humor has been the best medicine when things just don’t go the way we want them to go.

But, I suppose we must think about the negative side as well. Why is it that people feel justified to use profanity when complaining about a situation? I’ll never understand why people yell at a cashier as though they own the company. Customer service people have to have thick skin dealing with a myriad of complaints from obnoxious customers.

Waiters and waitresses are always getting a bum rap. You would think that they prepared the food or owned the restaurant.

Some people go through life with a burr under their saddle. They feel like they were born to gripe. It’s all in the attitude.

Recently I was reading a book that focused on the difference between being “thankful” and “grateful.” Personally, I have used the words interchangeably all of my life. The author made an interesting point. He wrote from the perspective that we are thankful for what we receive and grateful for what things mean to me. Let me explain.

Thankfulness is a great attribute for any person. Expressing thanks for what we receive is becoming a lost art. When people do something for us, how do we respond? Sometimes we rob others of the blessing of doing something for us because our attitude or response takes the joy of giving away.

I am always thankful for what people do for me. Whether the gift be large or small, I have learned to express thanks.

How then is being grateful different? Gratefulness develops intentionally. It begins with a personal spirit or disposition. It’s expressed even when things don’t go our way. It’s an attitude we possess before we receive the gifts or even if we don’t receive anything at all.

The Apostle Paul understood this idea. He often spoke of being content no matter the circumstances.

How is your disposition of gratefulness these days? A positive spirit can change how you feel about your circumstances in life.

I am very thankful for all that my church does for me, but I so grateful for what they mean to me.

My family does so much for me.  More importantly, they mean more to me than words scan express.

While I enjoy volunteering in the Dallas County Schools, I am so grateful for all of the relationships I have with administrators, teachers, staff, and students.

God was very good to me when He led me to Valley Grande, Alabama. I am grateful for all the friends I have and for being able to take part in our great community.

I am so blessed. Life is “Simply Beautiful.”